We are looking for folks with experience with longitudinal studies to contribute and help us
understand the issues with this research methodology. Please consider submitting a case
study using the following points to structure your report:

Research Questions

1) What were the research questions that were being addressed? (what did you hope to learn from this study?)

Study Related Questions

1) Nature and description of the study:
a. Product being evaluated
b. The stage at which the product was evaluated (formative/summative or after deployment)
c. Was it research for a new interaction model or new UI etc. that does not exist, or for an existing product?

2) Number of participants recruited

3) Time line of the study (how long did it last)

4) Methodologies used - qualitative (e.g. photo/voice dairies, interviews, field study etc.) and/or quantitative (e.g. logs, measure time taken, performance etc.)

5) Description of the study set up (e.g. how was the product being tested installed, what instructions were given to use the system, instructions to provide/collect feedback etc)

6) Experimental design of the study

7) Where there any problematic logistical issues?

Lessons Learned

1) Which questions were successfully able to measure? Which ones were you not successful with? Why?

2) Were there any issues with the experimental design that caused problems in the study?

3) Where there any issues with the methodologies used that caused problems in the study?

4) What aspects of the methodology etc. seemed to work great for your project?

Please post your case study in the thread located under the discussions tab.